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“Take Your Child to the Library”

Photo by Christy Porter
Lilith and Oliver Nelson enjoyed the activities at the “Take Your Child to the Library Day” at the Licking Library on Saturday. Their mother, Kelly Finn, brought them for their first visit to this location.

By Christy Porter, Managing Editor

Going to the library as family is time well spent for many reasons. Children learn that reading and literacy activities are not only educational but also fun, and it helps them become more proficient in the overall learning experience. Chaperoning adults become a positive example and positive influence, and they have the opportunity to pursue their own reading or educational interests.

The Licking Library participated in the “Take Your Child to the Library Day” by giving each child a free used book to take with them; some children read their books immediately, the Lego building materials were available and color time was enjoyed. The children also received an “I visited my library today!” sticker.

“Take Your Child to the Library Day” was founded in 2011 in Connecticut at the Waterford Public Library by retired librarian Nadine Lipman, with help from librarian Caitlin Augusta and Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, author and illustrator.

Our local library offers new book and DVD selections on a continuous basis, weekly activities, several fun learning programs throughout the year, used book sales, local resources, copying, faxing, scanning and Wi-Fi.

Friendly librarians Brandie Smith and Lee Ann Akins are available to assist with information and requests whenever possible. The Texas County Library supports the Licking Library Branch, and working together offer a vast array of resources for our community.

Photos by Christy Porter

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