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Truck fire chars bank drive-thru

Photo by Shari Harris
LPD Sgt. Brian Allgire and truck owner Tim Mooney watch as Kelsey Lane prepares to push the flaming truck from beneath the drive-thru roof with a backhoe.

Photo by Shari Harris
This Licking volunteer firefighter begins to extinguish the truck fire after it was pushed to a vacant corner of the parking lot. Charred remnants of the truck remain by the ATM in the forefront of the photo.

 By Shari Harris, Publisher

When Tim Mooney pulled up to the ATM at Progressive Ozark Bank Monday afternoon, he had no idea that it was the last time he would be sitting in the driver seat of his pickup. As he put his wallet on the seat beside him to get his bank card, he saw black smoke coming from beneath his hood.

“I got out of there,” said the Edgar Springs man. Moments later, his truck went up in flames.

Quick thinking on the part of Donnie Trout (who is a City of Licking employee and a member of the Fire Department) resulted in another city worker, Kelsey Lane, driving the City’s backhoe to the scene and pushing the flaming truck from beneath the roof of the bank’s drive-thru. The charring of the underside of the roof leads one to believe that moving the truck was an integral component of preventing the fire from spreading.

The Licking Fire Department arrived and extinguished the blazing truck. Then attention turned to the bank building. Firefighters checked the attic of the overhang for fire, first through the trapdoor in the center, then by a vent on the west side. When the vent cover was removed, black smoke indicated a cause for concern. Investigation with thermal cameras led firefighters to remove a small part of the overhang from the underside, then the smoking ceased. Bank employees reported a haze of smoke had entered the building during the event.

The Raymondville Fire Department provided mutual aid to the Licking Fire Department. No injuries were reported, but the truck is a total loss. Estimates of damages to the bank are pending.

Photos by David Hatch and Shari Harris

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